Magnetic card hotel lock

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6600-73MI (Golden) Magnetic card hotel lock



Smart & Magnetic Card Lock 6600-73MI.The lock is opened by Magnetic Card or Smart Card. Free rotating handle

Smart & Magnetic Card Lock #6600-73MI.

1. Luxury, firmness and elegance. No screw will be found in the lock surface. Five-latch mortise.

2. Insert the Magnetic Card or Smart Card directly into the hole on the front surface.

3. Auto-prevent dust into lock, prolong lock life.

4. Door thickness request not less than 3.5 cm.

5. The width of inserting card gate is the most precise and thinnest in the world at present.

6. Free rotating handle, prolong mechanism life the furthest and also avoid unlocking by violence.

7. No longer install the electrical machinery inside the mortise, which facilitates the maintenance work.

8. Change batteries in the lock is very easy.

9. The magnetic reader and smart reader in one lock. The lock is opened by Magnetic Card or Smart Card.

10. The "black box" in the lock can store 256 latest unlocking records that can facilitate the hotels 's security and enhance the hotels' credit.




Technical Parameters



6v(4 segments 1.5 voltage batteries)


Static Electric Current:

IC touched card lock < 10μA
IC touched card lock + electromagnetic lock < 10μA
Reaction card lock < 50μA


Working Electric Current:



Keeping Record:

250pieces data can be reserved more than 10 years


Using Times about Card:

Touched IC card: 100thousand time
Reaction card: illimitable times


Battery Life:

12 months in normal status


Open Time:

5 seconds


Insert Reliability:

No mistake even inserted continuously 2000 times


Insert Guarantee:

Still work well after inserting any illegal card


Low Voltage Warning:

If the CPU working voltage is less than 4.5 V, it will alert “di di” tone with the red light flashing when opening door.


Capability Resists Static:



Relative Range(use):



Temperature Range(Using):



Temperature Range(Storage):




Why we choose Magnetic Card together with Smart Card in one lock?

Magnetic card is used widely in the present market because it is cheap and easy to make. Especially it doesn't need to recycle, when guests check out, the magnetic card can be presented to guests, the hotel can put advertisement such as logo, booking telephone on the magnetic card which will attract more guests, so it is very popular in most hotels. But the disadvantage of magnetic card is that it can't be durable, just normally used for about 200 times. This is bad for hotel management and service offer such as waiter, because every day the waiter passes in and out door more than 100 times, nearly every day must replace the card, seriously affects the service efficiency and hotel's reputation. Does one kind of lock both have the merit of magnetic card, but also can avoid the disadvantage of magnetic card? Magnetic card with Smart card lock is precisely the most perfect union. Usually, guests use magnetic card and waiter use Smart Card (can be used more than 100, 000 times), and also has the merit, that is, if the Magnetic Card reader has some problems, the hotel can offer guest the Smart Card for alternative solutions, never diminish the reputations of hotel.


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